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Meet The Art of Costume Podcast Team

Elizabeth Joy Glass: Co-Host and Producer

Elizabeth Joy Glass grew up on the east coast in Pennsylvania surrounded by early American history. A childhood full of fantasy, sci-fi and historical media, inspired her to start sewing and cosplaying. After high school, Elizabeth decided to move across the country to study fashion and costume design at The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. While in school she worked on several AFI thesis films in the costume department. Elizabeth ultimately graduated with a B.A. in Digital Cinema and decided to pursue a career in video production and screenwriting, but she still holds a love for costume design and its history.

Spencer Williams: Co-Host and Producer

In 2019, Spencer realized his love for fashion was not entirely found on a runway but stemmed through film and television. He decided to share his passion for costume design internationally and launched The Art of Costume. Today, Spencer happily serves as lead editor, highlighting costume designers and their brilliant work. This eventually paved the way for Spencer to get together with Elizabeth, one of his long-time best friends, and launch The Art of Costume Blogcast. When Spencer isn’t talking about costumes, he spends most of his free time watching The Lord of The Rings, playing video games, sharing MCU theories, and drinking a heavily iced cherry-coke.

Dan White: Editor and Audio Engineer

Dan was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA and now lives in Vermont. Dan started by composing and producing music (self-taught) for a video game. This passion for audio gradually transitioned into the world of audio engineering. Since then, he’s mixed numerous pieces of music, film, and now podcasts. He’s the Audio Engineer of The Art of Costume Blogcast and gives that beautifully balanced sound to the audio.

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