Author: Elizabeth Joy Glass

  • Creating The Clone Club: Castor

    Creating The Clone Club: Castor

    “We wanted a weird bad guy,” says John Fawcett. “When I watch television, so often I feel like a lot of the casting feels generic. I’m looking for a mix of something compelling from a physical point of view, which makes you just want to look at them, and someone who brings an energy or interpretation to […]

  • Creating the Clone Club: Cosima Niehaus

    When talking to Vanity Fair, makeup artist Stephen Lyne described Cosima Niehaus as “The girl who has gone her own way completely since high school. Her perspective is: I am my own person. I am an alternative to all of you.” Cosima embodies and holds onto this strong sense of self as she is one […]

  • Creating the Clone Club: Alison Hendrix

    Warning, Spoilers for Orphan Black seasons 1-5.  Within the first three minutes of Orphan Black, a BBC America tv series created by John Fawcett and Graeme Manson create a gripping series when Sarah Manning locks eyes with a woman in distress who looks exactly like her. Before she can ask any questions, the woman walks […]

  • Designing Fear: Bram Stoker’s Dracula

    As the 20th century drew to a close, Dracula was a familiar figure with a look and story that anyone could identify at a glance. From Bela Lugosi to Christopher Lee and countless adaptations, the character seemed to be played out. That is until Francis Ford Coppola decided to breathe new life into the character […]

  • Designing Fear: Vampira

    Tall, dark, and sexy, this glamorously morose woman is an image we’re all familiar with, but few know the name or origins of televisions first horror movie host, Vampira. Vampira was the creation of Maila Nurmi, a pinup model, and actress looking to start a career on television. While Maila had a successful career as a pinup model, she still hadn’t been able to break into film and decided the emerging medium of television might be where she needed to be.

  • Designing Fear: Bela Lugosi’s Dracula

    A man emerges from the shadows onto the balcony of some ancient forgot European castle. As walks down the grand staircase, you see his dark, slicked-back hair, an impeccably tailored tuxedo, and a medallion denoting his superior rank and a long black opera cape draped across his shoulders dragging behind him. You know instantly, this […]

  • Designing Fear: Nosferatu – A Symphony of Horror

    The rooms dark, your tense, hearts pounding, and you scream as a horrifying figure is revealed. These reactions of horror and fear are the goal every horror film is designed to achieve. From House of the Devil in 1896 to Jordan Peels’s Us, filmmakers have been out to terrify audiences for over a hundred years, and we love it. […]

  • A Short History of Costume Design At the Emmy’s

    While taking a look at the Costume Design & Supervision nominees for the Emmy Awards this year, I was stunned by how genuinely excellent costuming has been this past year. All twenty-two nominees across the four categories are incredible examples of how costume design is integral to creating the characters and worlds we love to […]

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