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  • Hawkeye – The Art of Costume Blogcast

    Hawkeye – The Art of Costume Blogcast

    Hawkeye – S2 Episode 33 Grab your bow and arrows, because this week we are watching the @disneyplus original, Hawkeye. Listen along as our cohosts break down the costumes of Hawkeye designed by Michael Crow, larping, the return of Yelena, Kingpin’s surprise appearance, comic parallels, and Rogers: The Musical.. The Art of Costume Blogcast Available […]

  • Yaz and the Fashion of ‘Inferno’

    Content Warning: Discussion of abuse, sexual abuse and harassment. Spencer: Today I’m joined by an incredible artist and one of my good friends. I love her to death. She has a new record called Inferno, which was released on February 18th. Yaz, welcome to The Art of Costume. Thank you so much for joining me! Yaz: […]

  • Twilight – The Art of Costume Blogcast

    Twilight – S2 Episode 32 Where the hell have you been, loca! The time has come for the highly anticipated Twilight episode! This week our cohosts dive into the costume design of Twilight and are joined by two special guests, Elizabeth and Spencer’s best friends and fellow Twihards, Avisha Kumar and Chloe White. Topics include […]

  • Stardust – The Art of Costume Blogcast

    Stardust – S2 Episode 31 In this week’s epic conclusion of Fairytale romance month, we are watching one of our favorite films, Stardust! Listen along as our cohosts talk about the period costumes of Stardust designed by Sammy Sheldon, the twisted sibling relationship of the Stormhold brothers, Michelle Pfeiffer and her coven of witches, Captain […]

  • Costumes, Style, and Rock N Roll – An Interview with Costume Designer, Dawn Ritz

    The day after the announcement of the 2022 Costume Designers Guild Awards nominations, I was given the great honor of meeting costume designer, Dawn Ritz. We spoke about her career beginnings, designing the costumes for Paradise City (now streaming on Prime Video), collaborating with Bella Thorne, and her recent commercial that earned her yet another […]

  • Enchanted with Mona May – The Art of Costume Blogcast

    Enchanted – S2 Episode 28 I’ve been dreaming of a true love’s kiss! Fairy Tale Romance Month continues with one of our favorite films, Enchanted! But wait, it gets better. In this week’s episode of The Art of Costume Blogcast, extra special guest Mona May calls into the show! Listen as our cohosts talk with […]

  • The 2022 Academy Award Nominations – Best Costume Design

    The time has finally come! I am excited to share with you the coveted list of this year’s Academy Award nominations for Best Costume Design of 2022. Congratulations to these five talented costume designers! Over the next month, The Art of Costume team will be providing you an in-depth look at each of these wonderful […]

  • Pushing Daisies- The Art of Costume Blogcast

    Pushing Daisies – S2 Episode 27 We are kicking off “Fairy-Tale Romance” month with a television show that ended too soon, Pushing Daisies. This show has everything, synchronized swimming, murder, pie, and Kristin Chenoweth! Join us as we break down the colorful, Emmy-award-winning costumes and this brilliant love story. The Art of Costume Blogcast Available […]

  • The Power of The Dog: An Interview with Kirsty Cameron

    Elizabeth: Hello Kirsty, The Power of The Dog was such a beautiful film, thanks to the beautiful wardrobe you created. Before we jump into the film, how did you get started in costume design? Kirsty: In the nineties after art school, while making video installation work and being involved with an artist-run gallery called ‘Teststrip’, […]

  • Nightmare Alley with Luis Sequeira – The Art of Costume Blogcast

    Nightmare Alley – S2 Episode 26 Who is ready to go to the carnival? 🎪 In this week’s special episode, our co-hosts are joined by Oscar-nominated costume designer Luis Sequeira to talk about the new Guillermo del Toro film, Nightmare Alley 🔥 Listen along as Luis talks with us about the challenging pre-production, creating the […]

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