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  • A Short History of Costume Design At the Emmy’s

    A Short History of Costume Design At the Emmy’s

    While taking a look at the Costume Design & Supervision nominees for the Emmy Awards this year, I was stunned by how genuinely excellent costuming has been this past year. All twenty-two nominees across the four categories are incredible examples of how costume design is integral to creating the characters and worlds we love to […]

  • The Oscars 2020 – Best Dressed

    Hello everyone and welcome to yet another Oscars edition of “A Haute Second with Spencer” ! Ah yes, I can’t believe we are here. Now for those of you who don’t know, the Oscars red carpet is THE red carpet. It’s Hollywood’s biggest night! As always, I have put together a list of my picks […]

  • The Emmys 2019 – Best Dressed

    Hello everyone! Welcome to my annual Emmys fashion edition! As I am sure you all know by now, The Emmys are my favorite award show. It really is one of my favorite nights of the year. Without a doubt, we are in the Golden Age of Television. Movie stars are becoming tv stars. Streaming has […]

  • Gender Bending Fashion

    Every time I travel to another city, I make it a goal of mine to visit a local museum (or aquarium but that is a different article). This summer I had the absolute privilege of visiting the Boston Museum of Fine Arts (MFA). Tb be quite honest, I was just there to see the ancient Egyptian […]

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