Csilla Szlovák

Csilla Szlovák


Csilla Szlovák is a Hungarian costume designer based in Helsinki. From an early age she has been
passionate about film and theatre. During her high school years, she participated in several
exhibitions with a local art group and challenged herself with makeup and theatre. Her love of
storytelling led her to get a bachelor’s degree in journalism and film studies at Eötvös Loránd
University in Budapest. Her studies also entailed psychology and sociology as well, the knowledge of
which she turned into practice in several short films and theatre projects there. Her passion for
costume has crystallized with these projects, and one step closer to her dreams, she is now
completing her master’s degree in Costume Design at Aalto University in Finland.

The Umbrella Academy – Modern Superheroes Adapting To The 1960s

When the Emmy nominations came up, I immediately searched for The Umbrella Academy, hoping it got nominated, which it did. I was looking forward to this show as a massive My Chemical Romance fan who admires Gerard Way, his work, and the comic book he created with Gabriel Bá. I was also delighted to know…

Old Adventures In New Costumes – Pinocchio

Directed by Matteo Garrone, this version of Pinocchio (2019) is nothing like the well-known 1940s Disney story about the wooden puppet that came to life. Both visually and story-wise, this new film accurately portrays the 1883 novel written by Carlo Collodi. The film rightfully earned two well-deserved Oscar nominations. One nomination was for “Best Makeup…

Oh Those Halloween Nights: A Love Letter to Movies and Euphoria

This year, not many of us will be enjoying Halloween parties like we used to. I thought it might be a good reminder of a better world to pay tribute to the most stylish Halloween party of last year’s television: “The Next Episode,” episode six of HBO’s Euphoria. Speaking of, we should also congratulate the…


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