Jada Davis Turner


Jada’s passion for fashion started at a very young age. She would create her own jewelry, accessories, outfits and she even started a fashion club with some of her friends. In high school she was a part of a drama club and went on to join the costume crew where she helped design and make costumes for plays. Thus began her story in the world of theater arts, film, and fashion, inspiring her to want to learn more about each field.  Jada was then introduced to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM). She was thrilled when she got the opportunity to fly across the country to attend their 3 Days of Fashion event where she had the chance to collaborate with creative, ambitious students on various fashion projects.

In order to gain more knowledge about the fashion industry, Jada went on to work in retail. One of her more rewarding experiences was the opportunity to work at a Halloween store, where she was able to connect and share ideas with people who love costumes just as much as she does. She even won a Best Costume Award!

2021 Emmys Roundtable – Outstanding Contemporary Costumes

Spencer: Hey Team! Thank you so much for being here. There is SO much excellent costume design in the Outstanding Contemporary Costumes category this year. I honestly have no idea which way the award will go; everyone here is so deserving! Before I start blabbing on, let’s go around and talk about your favorites and […]

WandaVision: Costumes and First Impressions

August 23rd just passed, so you know what that means…it’s WandaVision time! Now brace yourself because this may come as a shock, but I must confess that I’ve never seen WandaVision. I know it’s a shame. Even my little 6-year-old cousin has watched it and talks about how great it is. So I decided to […]

A Style-ish Wedding: Contemporary Costumes of Black-ish

If I had to sum up my entire childhood in two words, it would be Michelle Cole, the talented costume designer behind many of the shows that I watched and was inspired by growing up. She worked on some of my favorites, such as Martin, The Steve Harvey Show, and The Bernie Mac Show. She […]

Legally Blonde, Legally Fashionable: The Evolution of Elle Woods

It’s been 20 years since Elle Woods (played by Reese Witherspoon) graced the big screen. Even though I didn’t know what movies were when this came out, I’ll never forget how much I fell in love with Legally Blonde – especially after seeing it for the first time, many years later in my government class.   […]


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