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  • ‘Cruella’ Costume Designer Jenny Beavan wins Oscar for Best Costume Design

    ‘Cruella’ Costume Designer Jenny Beavan wins Oscar for Best Costume Design

    Advertisements Everyone here at The Art of Costume would like to wish a big congratulations to costume designer Jenny Beavan and team for winning this year’s Oscar for Best Costume Design. Jenny Beavan created the iconic costumes of Cruella that captivated the world in 2021. Photo Credit: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Jenny Beavan’s work on Cruella […]

  • The 2022 Academy Award Nominations – Best Costume Design

    Advertisements The time has finally come! I am excited to share with you the coveted list of this year’s Academy Award nominations for Best Costume Design of 2022. Congratulations to these five talented costume designers! Over the next month, The Art of Costume team will be providing you an in-depth look at each of these […]

  • It’s Cruella’s Costumes, Darling!

    Advertisements Mariana: We are gathered here today to review Cruella’s costumes, darling! More specifically, the costumes of Disney’s most recent film: Cruella. Hello Jada, thank you for joining me in this great piece; I am so glad to review this film together!  Jada: Hi Mariana! We’re going to have so much fun! I’m excited to […]

  • Cruella – The Art of Costume Blogcast

    Advertisements Cruella – S1.E1 In the premiere episode of The Art of Costume Blogcast, Elizabeth and Spencer break down the incredible costumes of Cruella by costume designer Jenny Beavan. They go scene by scene, recap the story, and discuss the majority of costumes seen on screen. Yes, even the dog-rat costume! We are just getting […]

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