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  • Jeriana San Juan and The Costumes of Netflix’s ‘Halston’

    Jeriana San Juan and The Costumes of Netflix’s ‘Halston’

    Advertisements This year, audiences were blessed with a real Netflix treasure, Halston. Netflix’s Halston is a masterpiece, strengthened by the performances, sets, music, but most of all, the costumes. Costume designer Jeriana San Juan is nominated for a 2021 Emmy, and wow, talking about well deserved! Let’s dive into the costumes of Halston and why…

  • Halston – The Art of Costume Blogcast

    Advertisements Halston – S1.E3 In the third episode of The Art of Costume Blogcast, Elizabeth and Spencer dive into Netflix’s Halston. Our hosts break down the costumes by costume designer Jeriana San Juan and discuss the real-world events that inspired this story, such as The Battle of Versailles, Studio 54, the creation of Halston’s signature…

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