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  • 2021 Emmys Roundtable – Outstanding Fantasy/Sci-Fi Costumes

    Spencer: Hey Team! Thank you so much for being here. There is SO much great costume design in the Outstanding Fantasy/Sci-Fi Costumes category this year. On a personal note, this is always my favorite category, so I am just beyond excited. Let’s go around and talk about your favorites, and why! Let’s start with Candice! […]

  • WandaVision: Costumes and First Impressions

    August 23rd just passed, so you know what that means…it’s WandaVision time! Now brace yourself because this may come as a shock, but I must confess that I’ve never seen WandaVision. I know it’s a shame. Even my little 6-year-old cousin has watched it and talks about how great it is. So I decided to […]

  • WandaVision – The Art of Costume Blogcast

    WandaVision – S1.E6 In this week’s episode of The Art of Costume Blogcast, Elizabeth and Spencer rewatch the Marvel television show that started them all, WandaVision! Join us as our hosts discuss the many looks of Wanda and Vision, and the decades of television that inspired them. We discuss the costumes designed by costume designer […]

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