Designing Fear ” is the annual series by Senior Editor Elizabeth Glass, exploring some of our favorite horror costumes! New articles every Friday of October.

For this year’s series, Elizabeth will be diving into the costumes worn by some of our favorite horror slashers!

Designing Fear: Jason Voorhees

Turning around to see a figure in the dark and wearing a stark white hockey mask will make any young trick or treater run and scream. Much to the amusement of whoever decided to dress up as Jason on Halloween night. This is Designing Fear: Jason Voorhees

Designing Fear: Michael Myers

The infamous killer is now a Halloween costume staple for those aiming to celebrate the horror genre on the scariest night of the year. Michael Myers’s featureless mask and generic navy blue jumpsuit turn one into the perfect non-descript individual that can blend into the crowd and spook unsuspecting passers-by just as Michael did on…

Designing Fear: Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Ishioka creates a stunning, dynamic, and emotionally rich film that released Dracula from his iconic look through these costumes. For this masterful visual storytelling, Ishioka won the Academy Award for Costume Design in 1992. Ishioka created many stunning and iconic costumes until her death in 2012, but her reimagining of Dracula remains her most lasting…

Designing Fear: Vampira

Tall, dark, and sexy, this glamorously morose woman is an image we’re all familiar with, but few know the name or origins of televisions first horror movie host, Vampira.

Vampira was the creation of Maila Nurmi, a pinup model, and actress looking to start a career on television. While Maila had a successful career as a pinup model, she still hadn’t been able to break into film and decided the emerging medium of television might be where she needed to be.

Designing Fear: Bela Lugosi’s Dracula

A man emerges from the shadows onto the balcony of some ancient forgot European castle. As walks down the grand staircase, you see his dark, slicked-back hair, an impeccably tailored tuxedo, and a medallion denoting his superior rank and a long black opera cape draped across his shoulders dragging behind him. You know instantly, this…

Designing Fear: Nosferatu – A Symphony of Horror

The rooms dark, your tense, hearts pounding, and you scream as a horrifying figure is revealed. These reactions of horror and fear are the goal every horror film is designed to achieve. From House of the Devil in 1896 to Jordan Peels’s Us, filmmakers have been out to terrify audiences for over a hundred years, and we love it….