Jada Davis Turner

Jada Davis Turner


Jada’s passion for fashion started at a very young age. She would create her own jewelry, accessories, outfits and she even started a fashion club with some of her friends. In high school she was a part of a drama club and went on to join the costume crew where she helped design and make costumes for plays. Thus began her story in the world of theater arts, film, and fashion, inspiring her to want to learn more about each field.  Jada was then introduced to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM). She was thrilled when she got the opportunity to fly across the country to attend their 3 Days of Fashion event where she had the chance to collaborate with creative, ambitious students on various fashion projects.

In order to gain more knowledge about the fashion industry, Jada went on to work in retail. One of her more rewarding experiences was the opportunity to work at a Halloween store, where she was able to connect and share ideas with people who love costumes just as much as she does. She even won a Best Costume Award!

Costume is King: Storytelling Through Fashion and Music

Greek mythology, cardboard masterpieces, and crystals. What more could you possibly want? It’s been over a month since Beyonce’s Black is King was released, yet the impact of the film — and especially the fashion — continues to influence so many others still to this day. Black is King is not only a film but […]

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