Spencer Williams

Creative Director – Founder

In 2019, Spencer realized his love for fashion was not entirely found on a runway but stemmed through film and television. He decided to share his passion for costume design internationally and launched The Art of Costume. Today, Spencer happily serves as lead editor, highlighting costume designers and their brilliant work. This eventually paved the way for Spencer to get together with Elizabeth, one of his long-time best friends, and launch The Art of Costume Blogcast. When Spencer isn’t talking about costumes, he spends most of his free time watching The Lord of The Rings, playing video games, sharing MCU theories, and drinking a heavily iced cherry-coke.

Behind The Sustainable Costume Design of ‘Ramy’ Season 3

In September, the third season of Ramy, created by and starring Ramy Youssef, premiered on Hulu! In this season, Ramy finds himself trying to moving past his spiritual journey and instead focuses on his uncle’s diamond business. But before the character finds the meaning of life, the production was joined by costume designer Nicky Smith. […]

Bringing Authenticity to the Costumes of Hulu’s ‘Reboot’: Interview With Costume Designer Reiko Schoenfeld

Hulu recently premiered a new original series called Reboot, a story that follows an early 2000s family sitcom that has been rebooted and the dysfunctional cast that must come back together while dealing with unresolved issues in today’s fast-changing world. Costume designer Reiko Schoenfeld joined this project with a wealth of knowledge having been the […]


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