New Beginnings – Site Launch

I am very excited to be launching “The Art of Costume” official website. I’ll be honest, when I first launched this blog through Instagram, I had no idea where this journey would ultimately take me. I took a gamble. But within hours of launch, the blog had gained an impressive amount of followers that I was not expecting. I received a huge amount of messages in support from family, friends, colleagues, and to my surprise- established costume designers. The fact that my blog was something that the costume design community saw as worthy, was really inspiring.

So here we are almost exactly a month after the Instagram launch, and I am expanding with an official website. It is through this site I will be able to chronicle and highlight the many charms of costume design and illustration. What excites me the most is that I have built this blog on a broad sense where we can explore not only costume design seen through film and television, but also through musical performances and videos, gaming, and the theater.

As a final note, I would just like to thank everyone who has supported me up to this point. First, Chiffon Dior and my incredible team at that has continued to fuel my passion for creativity and writing. The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising– specifically Rachel Padilla who gave me a chance many years ago which opened up this whole exciting world for me. My family and friends who have had to listen to me talk during their favorite movies and television shows about the costume designer. My darling Kate, for standing by me through it all. Most of all, to the designers I have met along the way that have inspired me to explore this industry even further and gave me something to proudly “nerd out” over- Mandi Line, Trish Summerville, Nick Verreos, Eulyn Colette Hufkie, Candice Cuoco, Kimberly Adams, Marina Toybina, Ruth Carter, Tim Gunn, Michele Clapton, and so many others!

Cheers to the future!

(Enjoy some random photos with some of above names mentioned above)

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After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising with a degree in Fashion Design, Spencer realized that his love for fashion was not entirely found on a runway, but seen on screen through film and television. As a Los Angeles event planner, Spencer began to organize panels of costume designers benefiting students who were fascinated by costume design. As Spencer’s connections within the costume design field began to grow, so did his love for the craft. Then in 2019, Spencer decided it was time to share his love for costume design on an international level and launched The Art of Costume.

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