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Carnival Row – S2 Episode 30

Fairy Tale Romance Month is taking a darker turn as we take a trip to Carnival Row, a place where creatures are forbidden to live, love, or fly with freedom. Listen along as our cohosts dive into the costumes by designer Joanna Eatwell and the various period costumes, fairy wing prosthetics, exciting color schemes, and Orlando Bloom’s fine self!

The Art of Costume Blogcast

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Show Notes: Carnival Row, Season 1

Joanna Eatwell, behind the scenes on Wolf Hall

Behind the Wardrobe:

Series Creators: Travis Beacham, Rene Echevarria 

Costume Designer: Joanna Eatwell

Notable Work: The Paradise (2012) Wolf Hall (2015 – Emmy Nomination) Taboo (2017) The Miniaturist (2017) Beecham House (2019) A Christmas Carol (2019) Venom: Let There Be Carnage (2021) Carnival Row (2019 – Emmy Nomination)

The Burgish Army and Fae of Tournaknock

Orlando Bloom as Rycroft Philostrate (Left) Cara Delevingne as Vignette Stonemoss (Right), Carnival Row, Amazon Prime Video

Rycroft Philostrate 

The Officers of the Constabulary

Vignette Stonemoss

Afissa & The Servants of the Burg 

Quill & The Pucks of the Burg

Tourmaline & The Fae of the City

Mima Blodwen & Haruspex

Imogen Spurnrose & Ezra Spurnrose

Tamzin MerChant as Imogen Spurnrose (Left) Andrew Gower as Ezra Spurnrose (Right), Carnival Row, Amazon Prime Video

Agreus Astrayon

David Gyasi as Agreus Astrayon, Carnival Row, Amazon Prime Video

Runyan Millworthy

Absalom Breakspear & Piety Breakspear

Indira Varma as Piety Breakspear (Left) Jared Harris as Absalom Breakspear (Right) Carnival Row, Amazon Prime Video

Jonah Breakspear & Sophie Longerbane

Arty Froushan as Jonah Breakspear (Left) Caroline Ford as Sophie Longerbane (Right) Carnival Row, Amazon Prime Video

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  1. So happy to see someone giving this show some costume love! Just one quick thing, though–the fae homeland’s name is spelled “Tirnanoc” in this setting.

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