The Costuming Academy – An Interview with Senior Instructors, Donna Schultz & Sharon Sampson

Do you want to work as a Costumer in the Motion Picture Film Industry? Have you ever wondered how you can take your first step into this fascinating world of costumes? Welcome to The Costuming Academy. In this special The Art of Costume Podcast interview, you will meet the brilliant instructors behind The Costuming Academy, Donna Schultz & Sharon Sampson. Donna and Sharon have been members of the Motion Picture Costumers Union for over 30 years and have worked on an impressive lineup of shows such as Westworld, Big Little Lies, The Patient, Cheers, Family Ties, and so much more! Whether you are starting as a PA or an Entry-level costumer, get your first day confidence.

Current Courses Available at The Costuming Academy Include:

Unions & Productions – A online course to gain a thorough understanding of the various positions within Motion Picture Costumers Union Local 705 and Costume Designers Guild Local 892. Fine tune your talents with this information!

Entry Level Costuming – This course will provide comprehensive guidance on the initial tasks and responsibilities of an entry-level costumer, while also equipping you with the expertise to progress within the costume department and advance your career.

Set Protocol for Costumers – Becoming a set costumer is a highly specialized field that demands excellent communication skills, a comprehensive understanding of the script, and attention to costume detail.

Shopping & Returns – Discover the art of costume shopping with a comprehensive course, equipping you with the skills to source high-quality items while adhering to budget constraints and timelines. Learn to stay organized with inventory, budgets, and receipts.

Tools of the Trade – Unleash your creative potential with this course. Gain expert knowledge and skills of essential tools include phones, computers, sewing machines & various other equipment that will help elevate the department & enabling you to optimize your workflow.

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The Costuming Academy - The Art of Costume Podcast

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