Jacqueline Durran – Costume Design Oscar Winner


Congratulations to this years Oscar Winner in the Costume Design category for Little WomenJacqueline Durran !

Jacqueline’s costume design work for Little Women was truly remarkable. Little Women is a perfect exhibition of period costume design. In true Durran style, the costumes felt obviously special to the characters of this film. Each character honed a unique but subtly different wardrobe that really showed the progression and character development of each this film’s characters. Even though this is a example of period costume design, there was still a refreshing modern perspective that Jacqueline brought to this film that audiences have obviously been connecting with through the run of this film.

All of that aside, the costumes were just absolutely breathtaking ! I will never forget that moment when Florence Pugh’s character prepares to go see the man she is likely going to marry. She marches to the end of the room in a beautiful dress and whips this beautiful, vintage cape around her shoulders. It gave me a rodeo, elegant vibe that I was just obsessed with. When I saw this costume, I knew for sure this was a winner.


I feel that I can speak on behalf of the entire costume design community in saying how beyond proud of you we are, Jacqueline! Congratulations on this prestigious award, you deserve it Jacqueline! For those of you who haven’t seen Little Women yet… get it together please and go see it.

Congratulations to all of this year’s nominees as well. This was a impressive year for costume design and I am dying to see where this new decade takes us as an industry. Looking forward!

Photograph by Wilson WebbPhotograph by Wilson Webb

Photograph by Wilson Webb

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After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising with a degree in Fashion Design, Spencer realized that his love for fashion was not entirely found on a runway, but seen on screen through film and television. As a Los Angeles event planner, Spencer began to organize panels of costume designers benefiting students who were fascinated by costume design. As Spencer’s connections within the costume design field began to grow, so did his love for the craft. Then in 2019, Spencer decided it was time to share his love for costume design on an international level and launched The Art of Costume.

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