The 2020 Emmy Nominations – Outstanding Costumes

It’s hard to believe that we actually found some good news in the year 2020. Well, I am happy to report that the 2020 Emmy nominations for Outstanding Costumes have been released! There is just so much talent that was nominated this year! Check it out!

Outstanding Period Costumes

The Crown • Cri De Coeur • Netflix
Left Bank Pictures in association with Sony Pictures Television
Amy Roberts, Costume Designer
Sidonie Roberts, Assistant Costume Designer
Sarah Moore, Costume Supervisor

Hollywood • A Hollywood Ending • Netflix
Lou Eyrich, Costume Designer
Sarah Evelyn, Costume Designer
Tiger Curran, Assistant Costume Designer
Suzy Freeman, Costume Supervisor

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel • It’s Comedy Or Cabbage • Prime Video
Amazon Studios
Donna Zakowska, Costume Designer
Marina Reti, Assistant Costume Designer
Sheila Grover, Costume Supervisor
Ginnie Patton, Costume Supervisor

Mrs. America • Shirley • FX Networks
FX Productions
Bina Daigeler, Costume Designer
Erin Byrne, Assistant Costume Designer
Bettina Seifert, Costume Supervisor
Erika Larner, Costume Supervisor
Mila Hermanovski, Assistant Costume Designer
Eileen Kennedy, Assistant Costume Designer

Pose • Acting Up • FX Networks
Fox21 Television Studios and FX Productions
Analucia McGorty, Costume Designer
Nicky Smith, Assistant Costume Designer
Alexa DeFazio, Assistant Costume Designer
Linda Giammarese, Costume Supervisor

Pose – Season 2, Acting Up

Outstanding Fantasy/Sci-Fi Costumes

Carnival Row • Aisling • Prime Video
Legendary Pictures TV and Amazon Studios
Joanna Eatwell, Costume Designer
Clare Vyse, Assistant Costume Designer
Jennifer Lander, Costume Supervisor

The Handmaid’s Tale • Household • Hulu
MGM, Daniel Wilson Productions, The Littlefield Company, White Oak Pictures
Natalie Bronfman, Costume Designer
Helena Davis Perry, Costume Supervisor
Christina Cattle, Assistant Costume Designer

The Mandalorian • Chapter 3: The Sin • Disney+
Lucasfilm Ltd.
Joseph Porro, Costume Designer
Julie Robar, Costume Supervisor
Gigi Melton, Assistant Costume Designer
Lauren Silvest ri, Assistant Costume Designer

Watchmen • It’s Summer And We’re Running Out Of Ice • HBO
HBO Entertainment in association with White Rabbit, Paramount Television, Warner Bros. Television & DC Comics
Sharen Davis, Costume Designer
Valerie Zielonka, Costume Supervisor

Westworld • Parce Domine • HBO
HBO Entertainment in association with Kilter Films, Bad Robot and Warner Bros. Television
Shay Cunliffe, Costume Designer
Dan Bronson, Costume Supervisor
Amanda Riley, Assistant Costume Designer
Jo Kissack Folsom, Associate Costume Designer

Westworld – Season 3, Parce Domine

Outstanding Contemporary Costumes

black-ish • Hair Day • ABC • ABC Studios
Michelle R. Cole, Costume Designer

Euphoria • The Next Episode • HBO
HBO Entertainment in association with Reasonable Bunch, A24, Little Lamb, Dreamcrew, ADD Content Agency | HOT | TCDY Productions
Heidi Bivens, Costume Designer
Danielle Baker, Costume Supervisor
Katina Danabassis, Assistant Costume Designer

Grace And Frankie • The Tank • Netflix
Skydance Productions
Allyson B. Fanger, Costume Designer
Kristine Haag, Assistant Costume Designer
Lori DeLapp, Costume Supervisor

Killing Eve • Are You From Pinner? • BBC America
Sid Gentle Films Ltd.
Sam Perry, Costume Designer
Katie Broome, Costume Supervisor
Justin Selway, Assistant Costume Designer

The Politician • Pilot • Netflix
A Fox21 Television Studios Production
Lou Eyrich, Supervising Costume Designer
Claire Parkinson, Costume Designer
Lily Parkinson, Assistant Costume Designer
Nora Pederson, Costume Supervisor

Schitt’s Creek • Happy Ending • Pop TV
Not A Real Company Productions, Inc.
Debra Hanson, Costume Designer
Darci Cheyne, Assistant Costume Designer

Unorthodox • Part 2 • Netflix
Studio Airlift and RealFilm
Justine Seymour, Costume Designer
Simone Kreska, Costume Supervisor
Barbara Schramm, Costume Supervisor

Schitt’s Creek – Season 6, Happy Ending

Outstanding Costumes For A Variety, Nonfiction Or Reality Program

Dancing With The Stars • Halloween Night • ABC
BBC Studios
Daniela Gschwendtner, Costume Designer
Steven Lee, Costume Designer
Howard Sussman, Costume Supervisor
Polina Roytman, Assistant Costume Designer
Karina Torrico, Assistant Costume Designer

Drunk History • Fame • Comedy Central
Gary Sanchez Productions, Central Productions, LLC
Christina Mongini, Costume Designer
Annalisa Adams, Assistant Costume Designer
Cassandra Connor, Costume Supervisor

The Masked Singer • The Season Kick-Off Mask-Off: Group A • FOX
FOX Alternative Entertainment Studios Marina Toybina, Costume Designer
Grainne O’Sullivan, Costume Supervisor
Gabrielle Letamendi, Assistant Costume Designer
Candice Rainwater, Assistant Costume Designer

RuPaul’s Drag Race • I’m That Bitch / Costumes: RuPaul’s Costumes • VH1
World of Wonder Productions
Zaldy Goco, RuPaul’s Gowns by

Saturday Night Live • Host: Eddie Murphy • NBC
SNL Studios in association with Universal Television and Broadway Video
Tom Broecker, Costume Designer
Eric Justian, Costume Designer
Cristina Natividad, Assistant Costume Designer
Ashley Dudek, Assistant Costume Designer
Karena Sanchez, Assistant Costume Designer
Dale Richards, Costume Supervisor

The Masked Singer – Season 2, The Season Kick-Off Mask-Off: Group A

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